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Let’s Go Out Tonight

It’s about 10:30 and I’ve just taken a shower. Adrian called, and then Helen called. They asked if I would join them in Po Lam for a late night meal (dessert.) Normally I would have said no. But I said yes. I guess it’s because of them. Finally for once it felt good to be willing to go through dressing up and rushing to arrive. I felt so happy that they wanted my company after a long day of hard work. We waited for quite some time before getting in. The place seemed unexpectedly popular. We ordered some nice desserts and chatted happily. It was too late for MTR so I took them to “my area” to see if minibus or other transportation was available. But we ended up eating more and more in another restaurant. I tried a few “cow lungs” and it was… uh. Anyway, before they took a taxi and headed home, we walked around to find a public washroom for Adrian’s convenience. It was nice. I still couldn’t believe they would come to here and want to hang out with me. I just hope I’m fun enough to hang out with. When will I be able to simply relax, stop worrying about silly stuff like this, and enjoy the company of my friends?


In The Morning

Why the hell am I using so many Norah Jones’s songs as my titles?

Well, I’ve not written for a couple of days, so clearly I’ve been busy as hell. This time it’s The English Patient who killed me two nights in a row. The translation is definitely not my best work (well, since when have I turned in any best work?) and I’m sincerely hoping there is not going to be any complaint… pls pls pls.

Obviously I haven’t slept tonight, and now I’m waiting for the oscar live broadcast, for the haircut, for school, for doing assignment… Totally crazy. Wish I could make it to the reading week and live like human again.

Thanks Adrian for some nice late night chats!

Not Too Late

Busy with work and laziness. Got no time to write until now. Anyway, I should go to bed a.s.a.p. Congratulations to Marcia Cross for giving birth to her twin daughters! Wish her the best.

Night and Day

Talked to Rainy on the phone for most of the afternoon, like 4 hours. She was the best, as always. Though we didn’t have much to really update each other, we could always be honest with each other in almost every aspect. I appreciate that. If it wasn’t for her, I’d never know how my life would have turned out. Or, more precisely, how my mindset and my perspective would have changed or have been shaped. She knows things about me that most people never know. It’s dangerous. To trust and depend on someone this much. I always suspect she’d let me down someday. But she has not let me down yet. It’s like a miracle for me. True.

Got more jobs from Hin today. He thought my last job may miss something because there seemed too little subtitles for a 30-minute video clip. I hope nothing is wrong. I can’t afford mistakes like this anymore. It’s stressful and embarrassing. Anyway, I’m gonna be real busy… gotta translate The English Patient! Heard of this film long time ago. Never watched it. Hope it’s not too difficult which it might be as it’s about a love story in post-WWII. Wish myself luck.

I hate it when mom and dad stay home for the night. I love them. But the fact that they watch TV all night in the living room is killing me slowly… The trash they watch keeps me in my room looking at the computer screen and finding silly stuff to do… (as I’m lazy to work) F**k it! I want my TV! I want to watch my DVDs! My New Year Holiday is over soon… cut me some slack, will ya?

Wish I Could

It’s a night with Helen and Adrian. I like hanging out with them. They are such nice friends. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Festival Walk. The food was not my usual choice but I guess they tasted not so bad actually.

Then we walked around Log-on for a while, looked at some funny cameras (fisheye) and some kinds of snacks. I got left out for a few minutes and wandered in the store all by myself, but that’s probably my fault anyway. I could/should be more engaging and relaxing with them.

Anyway, we headed back to Telford to see Night at the Museum. I didn’t expect too much. The special effects blew me away, while the story was pretty much a disaster. However, it’s a feel-good movie, which can be better if it’s not that chessy. After the viewing the three of us went for a late-night meal down at a sidewalk snack booth. The food tasted very good which made me able to calm down and enjoy the moment.

Before we said goodbye, we got together at Telford, doing silly stuff like walking around, sitting at somewhere and talking about what came to mind (mostly about photography and camera.) We took some nice pictures and that’s definitely the way to make things a little more special and memorable, at least for me. We’ve talked about hanging out at a “dog cafe” and cycling later. I just hope we’ll really get to do that someday.

As I waited for a minibus, it kept raining and not a single bus arrived. Finally I decided to get home by taxi. I haven’t got in a taxi for a really long time, so the experience was surreal in a certain way. Looking out the window, I saw the rain, the lights, the shadows of this city in late night. The radio was playing some cantopop oldies and the whole thing suddenly became moody in my head. I always wish I could be cool for something new next time.

I’m grateful for having friends like Adrian and Helen to spend the Chinese New Year with. Tired and happy, I’m loving it.