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Let’s Go Out Tonight

It’s about 10:30 and I’ve just taken a shower. Adrian called, and then Helen called. They asked if I would join them in Po Lam for a late night meal (dessert.) Normally I would have said no. But I said yes. I guess it’s because of them. Finally for once it felt good to be willing to go through dressing up and rushing to arrive. I felt so happy that they wanted my company after a long day of hard work. We waited for quite some time before getting in. The place seemed unexpectedly popular. We ordered some nice desserts and chatted happily. It was too late for MTR so I took them to “my area” to see if minibus or other transportation was available. But we ended up eating more and more in another restaurant. I tried a few “cow lungs” and it was… uh. Anyway, before they took a taxi and headed home, we walked around to find a public washroom for Adrian’s convenience. It was nice. I still couldn’t believe they would come to here and want to hang out with me. I just hope I’m fun enough to hang out with. When will I be able to simply relax, stop worrying about silly stuff like this, and enjoy the company of my friends?


I Got Trouble

I’m such a mess right now.

Why’s It So Hard?

A time to work… A time to play… Time to work… Time to play… To work… To play… Work… Play…. Work…. Play… Work… Play… Work… Play…

starting over

I need a place to start fresh, where nobody knows me. This is the side of me, mostly hidden in the life with which I was born. The real me. My true colors. Story of the confessions. To here, they belong. Finally.