Night and Day

Talked to Rainy on the phone for most of the afternoon, like 4 hours. She was the best, as always. Though we didn’t have much to really update each other, we could always be honest with each other in almost every aspect. I appreciate that. If it wasn’t for her, I’d never know how my life would have turned out. Or, more precisely, how my mindset and my perspective would have changed or have been shaped. She knows things about me that most people never know. It’s dangerous. To trust and depend on someone this much. I always suspect she’d let me down someday. But she has not let me down yet. It’s like a miracle for me. True.

Got more jobs from Hin today. He thought my last job may miss something because there seemed too little subtitles for a 30-minute video clip. I hope nothing is wrong. I can’t afford mistakes like this anymore. It’s stressful and embarrassing. Anyway, I’m gonna be real busy… gotta translate The English Patient! Heard of this film long time ago. Never watched it. Hope it’s not too difficult which it might be as it’s about a love story in post-WWII. Wish myself luck.

I hate it when mom and dad stay home for the night. I love them. But the fact that they watch TV all night in the living room is killing me slowly… The trash they watch keeps me in my room looking at the computer screen and finding silly stuff to do… (as I’m lazy to work) F**k it! I want my TV! I want to watch my DVDs! My New Year Holiday is over soon… cut me some slack, will ya?


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