Wish I Could

It’s a night with Helen and Adrian. I like hanging out with them. They are such nice friends. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Festival Walk. The food was not my usual choice but I guess they tasted not so bad actually.

Then we walked around Log-on for a while, looked at some funny cameras (fisheye) and some kinds of snacks. I got left out for a few minutes and wandered in the store all by myself, but that’s probably my fault anyway. I could/should be more engaging and relaxing with them.

Anyway, we headed back to Telford to see Night at the Museum. I didn’t expect too much. The special effects blew me away, while the story was pretty much a disaster. However, it’s a feel-good movie, which can be better if it’s not that chessy. After the viewing the three of us went for a late-night meal down at a sidewalk snack booth. The food tasted very good which made me able to calm down and enjoy the moment.

Before we said goodbye, we got together at Telford, doing silly stuff like walking around, sitting at somewhere and talking about what came to mind (mostly about photography and camera.) We took some nice pictures and that’s definitely the way to make things a little more special and memorable, at least for me. We’ve talked about hanging out at a “dog cafe” and cycling later. I just hope we’ll really get to do that someday.

As I waited for a minibus, it kept raining and not a single bus arrived. Finally I decided to get home by taxi. I haven’t got in a taxi for a really long time, so the experience was surreal in a certain way. Looking out the window, I saw the rain, the lights, the shadows of this city in late night. The radio was playing some cantopop oldies and the whole thing suddenly became moody in my head. I always wish I could be cool for something new next time.

I’m grateful for having friends like Adrian and Helen to spend the Chinese New Year with. Tired and happy, I’m loving it.


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